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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really make money with this program?

YES. If you hand out the certificates with your referral number printed on the certificate, vendors will sign up and you will get paid.

Why is this a big deal for vendors?

In today's society, flea market, craft fair and food vendors are subject to higher and higher rent costs.  There are many organizations who are charging the vendors ridiculous amounts of money to participate in street fairs and shows.  Most, if not all the street fairs are non-profit organizations looking to make money for the children or to improve their communities.  These Event organizers are taking all the money.  They certainly do provide some service in the setup, minimal advertising, and maybe some cleanup, however, they have gotten greedy and are cutting the vendors profits considerably and taking the profits from the fund raising events.

How will this database help the vendors?

With our program, the many communities across the United States will be able to search for vendors in their areas and select the vendors that provide the items that  they want sold at their event.  The vendors will know who is looking for their services and they will not be subject to excessive fees which are now paid to the greedy event organizers running the events.

How does my handing out these certificates help?

There are thousands of vendors out there and it is impossible for a company to approach all these vendors directly.  Rather than pay a sales force to locate and call on these vendors, we are looking to help you and pay you for your efforts.  With you and others as my sales force, we can get to a greater number of vendors quicker than I can do it with a internal sales team.

How much will it cost me?

To enroll in the program, NOTHING!!! It's FREE.  Your minimal costs are for paper and ink for your printer. To get started, you probably have paper and some ink in your printer, start printing, handing out, and watch the money arrive every month.

Is this Illegal?

Absolutely NOT!!!  We are providing a much needed service to the vendors, the communities, and all the people who visit flea markets, street fairs and craft shows around the country.  What appears to be wrong are the organizations who are taking all the money from the non-profit organizations and the vendors who are doing their best to make a living, improve their communities and and help the children.

Maybe I should wait.

You can wait, however, have you ever heard the phrase; "Opportunity Knocks"?  Well opportunity is banging on your door.  The highest potential to make good money is at the beginning of any program. As more and more people find out about this program and the majority of vendors sign up, the potential for making money is less. 
Now is the time. Don't delay.

How much money will I make.

That's a good question. If you visit a flea market where there are 100 to 300 vendors, and you hand each one of the vendors a referral certificate and only 10% decide at that time to enroll, you are looking at $40 to $120 dollars for a walk through the market. This is the first attempt to help vendors become more successful and we are anticipating much higher results for your efforts.  Which means more money for you.  The key is getting to the vendors first.

How many vendors can I give a referral certificate to?

As many as you can find.  The more referral certificates you give out, you have a greater potential to make more money.

Can I give them to store's in my area?

YES.  Many small store's have participated in street fairs and markets.  If they do participate, they will thank you for sharing this information with them.

Can I see how much I am making before I get my monthly check?

We offer a program that will allow you to see how many vendors signed up using your referral number.  We have also added a second code box on the Referral Certificate so that you can enter a letter or number on the end of your referral number.  For example: You can place an "A" on the certificate to identify the vendor who signed up is from the Adams Market where you handed them out.  This way you will see which markets made more money for you.  There is a fee to use this program but it allows you to see what is coming to you and how much you earned total for participation in the program.

How will I know if you are sending me all the money due to me?

That's a good question.  I am not interested in stealing from my sales force.  If that happens, I will also lose in the long run as well.   The reason I am doing this is to prevent vendors from being taken advantage of as well as the non-profit organizations.  One way to be certain I am paying you your referral fee is to utilize the Review Account option.  If you know for sure someone has signed up, you can view that activity immediately after the subscription is paid for.  If you don't see your money posted, you know something is wrong.

Why won't the V-Ad submission page accept my banner graphic?

The max size of a banner is 400 wide x 50 high (Pixels). And the maximum file size is 20,000 or 20KB.  There are several issues to consider when working with graphics;

1. Storage capacity of all the banner graphics submitted.

2. The page delay in loading large graphics.

3. The amount of space available on the page to allow all the ads to look uniform.

The PokerEmporium banner on the V-Ad submission page is the exact size of the banner graphic allowed.

Why can't I list my Event?

One possible reason: your Lister account has not been verified. You did not respond to the verification email sent to you by support@VendorsInc.com .  Are you blocking our emails from reaching you?  Look in your Junk Email folder and approve emails from Vendors Inc.  ANOTHER ISSUE.. If you are using a spam blocking email program, emails from vendors trying to reach you will be blocked.  This is a frustrating process for a vendor, therefore, to successfully acquire vendors who are interested in participating in your event, you will need to monitor your JUNK Email.

We will continue to add to this page...




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