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REWARDS Program sign-up

This program is for anyone who is interested in earning money and assisting VendorsInc in building our database of Market/Street/Craft Vendors.
There is no cost to sign-up for this program.

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Please note: 

This program was designed to accumulate quality Market and Craft Vendors.  We are requesting that you get the word out to as many vendors as possible and if they sign up and enter your referral number on our Vendor Sign-Up page, you will receive $4.00 for each vendor who subscribes.  This is a one time finders/signup fee.  Checks will be sent on a monthly basis.  If you would like to monitor your progress throughout the month, you can be set up to have access to a real-time link which will show the number of vendors who signed up under your referral number.  You will know how much you have earned in the past and how much is currently in your account awaiting to be sent to you in your monthly check.  There is an annual cost to access the Review Account option which is $19.95 per year. There are incentives for 2 and 3 year purchases. ( see below for details)

Thank you for your interest in assisting VendorsInc. This is truly an amazing program and the people who will benefit most are those who react quickly.  Your cost to participate is the printing of your referral coupons.  Your cost is based on how many referral certificates you print either on your home printer or through a local printing service center.  Don't wait... sign up today and start making money.

In order to participate in this program your acceptance to the following is required.  I  understand that it is my responsibility to claim any money I receive from this program. I also understand that VendorsInc (Case Advertising Co.) will not forward any portions of your earned money to any local, state or federal government agency's for tax purposes.  I understand that I will only be paid when a vendor enters my referral number, and has paid VendorsInc their subscription fees.  I understand that if I choose not to subscribe to the Review Account, I will not be entitled to request current status on any commissions due to me and that I agree to wait until I receive my monthly check for details.

By clicking the check box below, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined above in the AGREEMENT STATEMENT.  If you do not understand the AGREEMENT STATEMENT, you should consult a professional who can enlighten you on your tax responsibilities.  VendorsInc has the right to discontinue this program at any time for any reason.

 I certify that I am over the age of 18 and I agree to the above terms * required