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VendorsInc is a free listing site for Events of all kinds. While we list the events as entered by Listers who register online, we can not guarantee the validity of the events listed.  The internet is a very big place and from time to time, there are many individuals who take advantage of several good things the internet has to offer.

VendorsInc needs to protect the users of VendorsInc and while we can not verify every event that is listed, we can take steps to verify the validity of our Listers.  Therefore, we now have the ability to display the "Lister Verified" logo for those Listers who participate in the program. 

Vendors are recommended not to forward any money to Listers until they are sure the event listed is a real event.  There have been instances on other sites where Event Listers were posting events and receiving money from Vendors. On the day of the event, the Vendors found out there was no show and the event was a scam. 
As a Verified Lister, Vendors can feel confident that your event is legitimate.

To become a Verified Lister, the Lister will need to provide a physical address location within the United States.  A series of letters will be mailed out and responses will be expected within a specified timeframe.  Instructions will be included in the mailings that will allow VendorsInc to Verify the accuracy of the data the Lister provided.

There is a one time Lister Verification Application Fee of $24.95.  This fee is used for the verification process and is not refundable.

One of the requirements is to provide a voided personal or business check that clearly shows your Lister Address and the bank name on the check.

In order for VendorsInc to verify a Lister, all items must be complete.  This process is being done to protect all legitimate Listers, Vendors, Crafters and the public who may be traveling a distance to attend a listed event. While it is unfortunate that in today's society we need to protect ourselves from scam artists, this is a good step in assuring your customers that you are legitimate and have followed the process to become a Verified Lister.

To become a Verified Lister:

Step 1.  If you have not Registered as a Lister on VendorsInc click here
Step 2. Login using your Lister Logon and Password: To Logon click here.
Step 3. On the bottom of the Logon page, click the Purchase Now button and follow the directions in PayPal.  You can use PayPal or any credit card.
Step 4. A packet will be mailed to you and you should receive it within 10 days.
Step 5. Follow the directions in the packet and be sure to complete all the information.
Step 6. Return the packet of information. We will verify the information and providing all the information is complete and checks out, you will immediately receive your approval and your event(s) will be displayed with the "Lister Verified" logo.

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